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Great Ships of 2019

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Cylinder Liner Monitoring

Prime Mover Controls is a world leading manufacturer of Marine Propulsion Controls and

Integrated Machinery Alarm and Control Systems. Our products also include Engine Order

Telegraphs, Navigation Light Control Panels, and a variety of Marine Instruments. We have been designing and manufacturing high quality marine systems since 1968. Our proven and reliable products can be found in service on all types of vessels in challenging conditions

Chris Marine throughout the world.

“The launch of

Prime Mover Controls Inc.

our Cylinder Liner Condi-

Vancouver, Canada tion Camera LCC is an important step for spect

Tel: 604.433.4644 us and for our customers,” said Alexan- exhaust


Web: der Malt, Global Sales & Marketing Di- valve, fuel injector valves, rector at Chris-Marine. “We know that at lube oil injection area and start air valve. least 10% of newbuildings need to have Some key points: their cylinder liners replaced already be- • The LCC unit has 4 built-in cameras fore the ? rst dry-docking, a costly con- to enable photography of the com- sequence of failing to keep the liners in plete liner running surface, cylinder top condition. However, this problem can cover, lube oil injection area, ex- easily be prevented and that’s where our haust valve, start air valve and injec- camera comes into play. LCC detects and tor valves.

documents abnormal surface conditions • The LCC is capable of in situ cyl- and helps the engine crew determine if inder condition documentation of measures need to be taken. By monitoring 2-stroke engines with a bore size

Protect your career as a professional mariner with Marine License Insurance from 360 the condition of the liner regularly, severe from 480 to 980 mm.

Coverage Pros. This program provides comprehensive coverage options starting at damage to the engine can be prevented • LCC is made up of high-temperature just $25.83 a month. Apply online in minutes and receive instant proof of insurance. and unnecessary investments avoided.” resistant electronic components and

Exclusively underwritten by Berkley Offshore Underwriting Managers, a W.R. Berkley

Images captured by the camera are used batteries allowing operation without

Company, backed by an A.M. Best “A+” (Superior) rating. to evaluate cylinder condition parameters lowering engine coolant temperature like presence of cylinder honing marks for most engine types.

PH: (866) 807-3822 Monday – Thursday: 8 AM – 6 PM ET and Friday: 9 AM – 5 PM ET and wave-cut groove extension, black lac- • The LCC can be combined with quering and bore polish, size of cylinder Chris-Marine’s Liner Diameter wear edge and cleanliness of ring land. In Measurement Instrument LDM by addition, the pictures can be used to in- using the LDM tablet.

MIT to Design Ship for Oldendorff

HHI Power System Maximizes Ship Ef? ciency

Oldendorff Carriers signed a research agreement with the Massachusetts

Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Center yundai Heavy Industries for Bits and Atoms (CBA) to make its (HHI) and Korea Shipbuild- vessels more green and economical. ing & Offshore Engineer-

Oldendorff, together with CBA and

Hing (KSOE) announced that its campus collaborators including

DNV-GL awarded an Approval in Prin-

MIT’s Sea Grant Program, will in- ciple (AIP) for HHI’s multi-grid design vestigate disruptive improvements of the power system for 15,000-TEU in ship design and propulsion to container ships. The key feature of this achieve the IMO 2030/50 require- latest design is the technology of break- ments. The initial emphasis will be ing down the VLCS power system into directed at improving hydrodynamic two separate types of power loads: ‘es- ef? ciency, which builds on work CBA has been doing with the aerospace sential loads’ required to operate the ship and automotive industries. This looks and ‘service loads’ needed to keep the in- beyond traditional naval architecture termodal reefers at proper temperatures,

C-Job Naval Architects to a deeper integration of form and among others. Thanks to this simpli? ed function. Anticipated research areas power supply process that involves no 6.6kV or higher-voltage power systems allowing low-voltage power distribu- include morphing structures, hydro- energy transformation, equipment costs onboard. As a result, installation of up to tion to replace the existing high-voltage dynamic cloaking, moving bound- go down while cargo carrying capacities eight large-capacity transformers to con- power distribution. No voltage conver- ary layers, and alternative energy go up. For conventional container ships, vert high voltages into low voltages has sion means no large transformers weigh- sources. Since 2013, Oldendorff has onboard electrical equipment is typically become inevitable. ing up to 64 tons in aggregate that would invested $3 billion in 90 new eco ves- powered at a low voltage level - 440V It is against this backdrop that HHI otherwise be loaded onto the ship, while sels, and today more than 95% of the or less. As container ships have become Group comes out with its latest tech- also allowing for an extra loader capac-

Oldendorff ? eet, and most of its char- larger, however, the total amount of elec- nology for multi-grid power systems ity of 60 FEU thanks to better space uti- tered vessels, are eco type vessels.

tricity required has grown, calling for to lower the capacity of each system, lization. 37

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