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The story of RFD’s technology dates Over four decades, the original prod- s the cruise industry con- back to 1920 with the introduction of an uct range has been enhanced through tinues to prosper, so too aircraft ? oatation product, essentially an design and acquisition, now including does Survitec, a special- in? atable ring, to prevent planes sinking such brands as DSB, SurvitecZodiac ist in marine evacuation when ditched. This technology quickly and Brude. systems (MES). Survitec evolved to become dual purpose also “Survitec is the original MES design has a history of more providing a means to rescue aircrew in authority,” said Richard McCormick, than 160 years, with an emergency. Survitec’s Technical Sales Director. The 2020 marking the cen-

As technologies and methodologies primary focus of any safety equipment became more sophisticated, self-in? at- is safety and reliability – especially in tenary since RFD, now ing life rafts became larger and in 1979, the context of survival products includ- part of Survitec, was

RFD launched the ? rst ever purpose- ing MES. “If any one component does

A founded. built marine evacuation system. not perform, it could jeopardize the

Survitec is a specialist in marine evacuation systems (MES).

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