Valmet Introduces New Automated Vessel Control And Regulation System

For the first time, Det norske Veritas recently gave a type approval for an automation system which includes both control and regulation functions in addition to the main alarm system for unmanned engine room space (EO or UMS).

The type approved system, from Valmet Automation a.s. of Spikkestad, Norway, is a further development of the "Damatic" microprocessor-based industrial process control system type offered by the Finnish parent company Valmet Oy. The first deliveries of the industrial system occured in 1979, and more than 100 large systems are now in operation.

Valmet Automation, in close cooperation with Norwegian shipowners, yards, and DnV, has undertaken the necessary modification and testing of the new "Damatic" marine system. Valmet is offering literature describing the system's specifications and capabilities.

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