Viking Introduces New 50-Man Reversible Buoyant Apparatus

Ferries and other ships operating in coastal waters can now benefit from a new 50-man reversible buoyant apparatus. It is a product of Viking, an internationally respected manufacturer of lifesaving equipment for commercial, and recreational craft.

The floor of the apparatus is placed between two circular buoyancy chambers. Equipped without a canopy, the raft can be boarded as soon as it is deployed and inflated, regardless of which side surfaces.

The Unit meets or exceeds all USCG and SOLAS 1983 Amendment III requirements for design, construction and performance. It also conforms to Viking's tradition of quality by using natural rubber to coat both the inside and outside surfaces of the rip-stop nylon fabric that is used in the buoyancy tubes and flooring. Natural rubber is best at withstanding extremely low temperatures, including those caused by C02N, i n f l a t i o n . For added strength, all components are glued together using state-of-the-art material and techniques to ensure durability and safety.

A fixed-type and semiautomatic cradle are available for the container holding the 50-man buoyant apparatus. The container is easy to clean, completely waterproof and designed to withstand great abuse to provide the raft with long-term protection against virtually any source of damage.

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