Magnavox Offers Dual Telephones With Satcom Terminals

—Literature Available Magnavox has become one of the first manufacturers to take advantage of a recent decision by INMARSAT to allow satellite ship earth stations to be equipped with two separate telephone identification codes. Magnavox Advanced Products and Systems Company has announced that its MX 2400 Integrated Satcom Terminal, introduced last year, has been designed specifically to permit users to take advantage of this new service through a simple software option. The INMARSAT Council decided earlier this summer to permit second telephone ID code for Standard-A ship earth stations. This would provide two independent telephone circuits on the ship, which can be reached by dialing either of two different numbers from shore.

"Dual telephone IDs will make it easier and more cost-effective for ships to receive computer data and facsimile transmissions, as well as voice and telex calls," said Magnavox senior product manager George Zachmann. "The second telephone port can be linked directly to a computer modem or fax machine so that an incoming data call can be instantly and automatically received without the need for manual switching by the shipboard operator." A second advantage of this service, said Mr. Zachmann, is that users can now arrange for separate billing of outgoing calls. This is of special interest to offshore oil rigs and other users in which two separate organizations share the same satcom terminal, he noted.

In designing the MX 2400, Magnavox engineers foresaw the probability that INMARSAT would allow dual voice ID service, and designed this option into the equipment, according to Mr. Zachmann. The MX 2400 is built with two independent telephone ports which are compatible with all standard telephones and commercial telephone interconnect equipment, including modems, facsimile machines and PABX systems. The two telephone ports can be controlled through the operator's keyboard, permitting one telephone to be reserved exclusively for data, while the other can be used for normal voice calls. The dual ID option can be ordered to upgrade existing MX 2400 terminals, as well as with new terminals.

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