SNAME Philadelphia Section Discusses Ship Design By Personal Computers

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The Philadelphia Section of The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers held its October meeting at the Engineers' Club in center city, Philadelphia. About 70 members and guests turned out f o r the presentation of a paper on an interesting aspect of the use of the handheld computer.

Following the social hour and dinner, chairman Tom Campbell turned the session over to coordinator Jim Wittmeyer, who introduced the speaker and author, Merville E. Willis of Sun Ship.

Mr. Willis's paper, "The Personal Computer as an Aid to Preliminary Ship Design," describes a system that is intended to utilize the availability of the personal programmable computer to enable the designer to obtain a much greater grasp of the hull characteristics at an early stage. It is possible to obtain the hydrostatics at shallow drafts — information that is essential for designing effectively to the IMCO ballast rules for tankers.

The discussers for the evening were Frank L. Pavlik, Daniel J. Dekoff, Jan A. Lorenzen, and Roger Button.

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