Seaworthy Systems Opens West Coast Branch Office In San Francisco Bay Area

Seaworthy Systems, Inc. recently announced the opening of their West Coast branch office in the San Francisco Bay area.

Seaworthy is a full-service firm offering significant capabilities, both technical and managerial, in the fields of marine engineering, naval architecture, industrial power, financial analysis and computer services. The West Coast office is managed by Samuel J. Oncea, a licensed professional engineer who has been involved in nearly all of the various types of projects Seaworthy gets involved with. He has been in charge of work that ranges from shipboard energy audits and operational surveys on both steam and diesel vessels to systems design and control systems work. He has a comprehensive computer background, particularly with shipboard and process applications. The address of the new office is: Seaworthy Systems, Inc. Suite 210, 1305 Franklin Street, Oakland, Calif. 94612, phone (415) 465-3893, telex 517931, fax (415) 465-0492. The capabilities available from the Oakland location can provide the responsiveness, expertise and experience necessary to meet customers' existing or emerging West Coast requirements. For further information on Seaworthy's services, C i r c l e 5 2 on Reader S e r v i c e Card

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