Marine Drive Systems Announces N e w Shaft Systems

shaft systems

—Literature Available Marine Drive Systems of Edison, N.J., a worldwide supplier of sterndrives without engines for more than two decades, announces the availability of marine shaft systems compatible with its Stern Powr 100 Series and similar propulsion equipment.

Although shaft systems are available in many forms and sizes, a typical Stern Powr drive shaft assembly (photo) consists of a direct-drive hydraulic marine reverse gear for engine bell housing mounting, a suitable flange adapter, and 1350 size shaft elements cut to specified length and balanced. The sterndrive adapter housing interfaces with the intermediate housing of a conventional 100 Series drive after its reverse gear assembly is removed. Most shaft systems include two universal joints and a convenient slip-joint.

Use of shaft drive installations is increasingly popular in larger pleasure craft and in commercial applications. It generally improves vessel attitude by providing better balance, especially where engine weight is significant relative to total vessel displacement. It also allows for a much cleaner and open area inside the transcom, which simplifies maintenance and service and provides space for other purposes.

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