630-Foot Hydranautics Portable Pier Erected And Unloading Ships In 66 Hours

630foot hydranautics portable pier
erected and unloading ships in 66 hours

Hydranautics reports that it has solved the problem of inadequate port facilities in rapidly developing countries where ports are overcrowded or where no facilities exist. The most recent installation of Hydranautics portable pier equipment is located at the Saline Water Conversion Corporation plant in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Hydranautics portable pier system consists of a series of pontoon barges which are locked together from the beach to deep water after being elevated on pilings. Hydraulically operated chain jacks manufactured by Hydranautics and powered by a selfcontained, diesel-power unit raise the barges up on the pilings, which are located at each corner of the barges.

Erection of the pier system requires only a few days at most installations. A recent installation, measuring 630 feet and consisting of nine pontoon sections, was erected and unloading ships only 66 hours after the pier system was delivered to the site.

Ship-to-truck loading is accomplished by a mobile crane located on the pier head. A turntable at the head of the pier has the capability of rotating semi-trailer trucks 180 degrees for their loaded trip from the pier.

For further information on Hydranautics Portable Pier Systems and Chain Jacks, write Dan Post, Hydranautics, P.O. Box 1068, Goleta, Calif. 93017.

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