Jumbo Hopper Barge Launched By Jeffboat Is First Built Since Reopening For Construction

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Jeffboat, Jeffersonville, Ind., a subsidiary of American Commercial Lines, Inc., recently held ceremonies to launch the first barge built since its yard reopened for new construction in February 1989.

The jumbo hopper barge, built for Falco Line of Vicksburg, Miss., is the first completed of five hopper barges ordered by Fred Farrell and Larry Lambiotte, owners of Falco.

Mr. Farrell, Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson and Jeffersonville Mayor Dale Orem participated in the launch by cutting the restraining ropes with axes.

Falco will utilize the 200-foot by 35-foot by 12-foot barge, which is classed by the American Bureau of Shipping, to transport lime on the Mississippi River.

In his pre-launch statements, Robert Greene, president of Jeffboat, applauded the dedicated efforts and quality work of Jeffboat's employees. "We would not be able to celebrate today's launch without the dedication, spirit, and teamwork from each employee," commented Mr. Greene.

Jeffboat's workforce has risen to approximately 240, an increase of 170 since the new construction reopened. The outlook still appears favorable and it is anticipated that an additional 75 employees could be added by the end of the year. American Commercial Lines, a subsidiary of CSX Corporation of Richmond, Va., is one of the nation's largest inland marine transportation companies, with affiliates in barging, marine construction, repair and communications.

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